I’m Mo7ammed Suliman, 19 years from Palestine, let me say from Gaza .
Actually it will be my pleasure to share this plog with u to, I’m not here to give u real pic of horrible life of Palestinians cuz it becomes known for all I guess..

It’s now 8:19 am and I’m still awake .. u know why ?? cuz of this nice blog .. I spent the whole night reading it .. I felt that I’m the one who was writing, it’s realy a real mirror of what is happening here and there “ I mean West Bank “ .

Maybe I’ll be somehow different on my writing, not bcuz I’m Palestinian, but I feel that I’m really different . I won’t say that I’m the most Palestinian one who is suffereing . On the contrary I’m happy in my life although everything is going on here in my sweet land

Of course, I don’t have the fun of life like others in their country, but I’m happy cuz I know it’s not a permenant situation . it’s end is coming . Sooner or later ? that’s not the matter, the matter that it’s coming .. So it’s my message to all of u, Palestinian ,, No tears, No screams, No sads anymore .. Keep ur smile and do ur best not to miss it .. I know it’s hard but it’s not impossible ..