I still haven't heard anything from my friend and I feel so sad about it. I pray every night for her to be safe and ok. I hope God hears me.

For Israel; nothing has changed. They continue their crimes and violations and takes no responcibility of any of their actions.
Last April, Israeli tank shot dead 4 civilians, including Reuters cameraman and 2 children but the crew of this tank will not face any legal actions.
"this response once again underlines the chronic failure of the State of Israel and its Occupation Forces to conducts proper investigations into the hundreds of crimes they have committed against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory" was stated by Palestinian Centre of Human Rights.
The statement also said that Israelis killed 9 journalists and injured at least 170 journalists since the start of the second intifada in September 2000.

Seems there is no stopping on Israel, they are determined to have the whole Palestine no matter what it costs and no power is mighty enough to question their actions..

And more innocent are going to die