My days are filled with uncertainity about my dearest friend from West Bank. I pray every day to hear from her and for her and her family to be safe from Israel.
Now I don't have any views about West Bank's situation which has been almost more bad then in Gaza last time I've heard, but I'll try to find news about both places and ask my friends in Gaza if they know.

The electricity supply is still so slight in Gaza and it has been cut off every day. Internet connections has also been very bad.

We are waiting free gaza ships to sail to Gaza Israel has threathen to use force against them if they enter Gaza coast.
free gaza movement is only trying to show solidarity to Palestinians by braking the siege by sailing two boats to Gaza, they have announcet to Irael that they are non violent activists and their mission is humanitary.
Obviosly Israel don't wan't any outsider to witness the horribility they are making in Gaza.
Those ships would have few reporters on board too and I hope they would get some footage and it would be shown to public too.
I'm actually pretty exited about this, I hope israel screws up really bad and we would get alot of evidence about their actions and with media we would get more people on Palestinians side!
This could be a little change to show the world what is the true nature of Israel. I have felt a little that Israel is on it's rush to think they are unstoppable and they will make a mistake sooner or later what will reach the world and make us turn our backs on them.
I'm just waiting for that mistake...

Every day I pray from God to give mercy to the people of Palestine..

But in my mind it is pretty obvious from whom will the world war 3 begin. And I feel it coming soon too.

About Khalil's and Linda's mission to take those medicins to Gaza is still on hold at the border..