It's been a while when I have last posted anything here, but now I feel that I wan't to write something..
I was watching this amateur video (link) what was shot by an European activist in Palestine. Ofcourse nothing in it was news to me anymore, but it's a whole different thing to look only pictures and read and hear stories; than watch actual things to happen in a video with a sound.

It's almost impossible to understand what I saw in this video, there was this city what was already mostly demolished, but people was still living there.
They we're on their daily businesses, some came from school I think, some from crocery store some was outside on their free time. And suddenly on the street was shooting heard and bullets made the sand on the road whirl and everybody ran to cover behind corners. There we're boys and girls, kids and adults. Ordinary people without any weapons.

Soon the tank was shown in the video when it arrived to the crossing where near some of the people we're hiding behind garbage cans. Then from a small window in the tank, was shot many shots towards the hiding people and to the streets.
It's is so hard to understand how they come with big tanks and weapons and they use those like in real war but only the "enemy" has no guns, no army and they are civilians!
This is something that I don't understand!? How is this possible??