I don't belive the situation in Palestine has gone any better. In West Bank it could be even worse than in Gaza?
A lot of people get's into jails all the time and killed too.
I just wish easier days to Palestine, I think they have suffered enough already..

My friend, if you are reading this; I am praying for you every night and day. I just wish to hear from you. I hope the Israelis have not hurt you or your family.

I'm still a bit in shock about my friend, it has been now maybe 3 weeks without any contact with her and I'm so so worried and scared.. I think of the worse that could have happen and hope that the reason for her disappearance is only busy or something else!
My mind isn't working right and I don't know what to write now.. I wish i could give you something to read so I'll copy some short news here..

"Jenin – Ma'an - Israeli military bulldozers uprooted olive trees and tilled-under agricultural land between the military camp of Salem and Rummana village at the northern tip of the West Bank on Thursday.

The lands were confiscated on Tuesday.

One of the owners of the confiscated and now destroyed land Mahmoud Taher Bushnaq said that Israeli forces issued a decision two days ago to confiscate the land and to uproot the olive trees.

"I thought that the bulldozers came to the lands to provide enough space for the troops to train and have their exercises because our land lies along the camp," Bushnaq explained.

He also said that he hoped to object to the confiscation order and bring the issue to court. "They did not give me any time," he said. "They rapidly implemented their confiscation and destruction plan." http://www.maannews.net/en/index.php?opr=ShowDetails&ID=31289

"Bethlehem – Ma'an – Seven Palestinians including two young boys were detained early Thursday morning during an Israeli raid at Ad-Duheisha camp south of Bethlehem.

The two young boys were also injured during the raid, when Israeli solders fired live bullets into the air.

Palestinian security sources reported to Ma'an that Israeli forces detained two young boys, Hamada As-Salihi and Hamdi Al-Atrash after they were injured with Israeli bullets during clashes at the camp following the Israeli invasion.

Also detained were 30-year-old Muhammad Yahya Al-Qassas, 32-year-old Adnan Naim Al-Qabu, 27-year-old Mohamed Hussein Al Najjar as well as Wael Khalil 'Atallah, and Ra'fat Abu 'Akr. All of the men were affiliated with the Popular front for the Liberation of Palestine, a leftist party with a military wing." http://www.maannews.net/en/index.php?opr=ShowDetails&ID=31281

"Hebron – Ma’an – Twenty Israeli military vehicles, including bulldozers, invaded the West Bank town of Taffuh, west of the city of Hebron, on Wednesday morning.

Young Palestinian men responded by throwing stones at the invading forces. Israeli troops have been shooting rubber coated metal bullets and sound grenades at the Palestinians.

Local and security sources told Ma’an that Israeli troops are conducting house to house searches, causing property damage. No injuries have been reported." http://www.maannews.net/en/index.php?opr=ShowDetails&ID=31267