Dear Friend, if you are reading this; I want you to now that I think of you all the time and I hope that you are in safe place and ok! I wish to hear from you, but maybe situation got to bad for you in your city and you had to leave, or maybe the israelis thought of you as a thread to them and took you to prison :(
I wish to hear from you someday!

The Free Gaza movement are still in Gaza with 2 ships and they are going to leave soon and take few Palestinians with them, here's a quote from their site:

"(GAZA CITY, 27 August 2008) - It was standing-room-only in Gaza City studios today as the Free Gaza Movement held a press conference to announce the departure of the SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty, and to reaffirm that 12-14 Palestinians, who have previously been denied exit visas by Israel, will be traveling to Cyprus on the two boats. Some of those leaving are students, with vaild visas or dual citizenship who have been accepted to universities abroad. Additionally, one Palestinian professor will finally be able to go back to teaching in Europe, and one young Palestinian woman will finally be reunited with her husband."

Im happy that the ships could go safely to Gaza and that they are making a noise now and having publicity!

The boards are still closet and no ddate has been announcet when they will be open...