I'm a member of this big internet society and I found some of my very old friends there, friends who I have seen only time to time and by accindent these years.
The funny thing is, they refused to be my friends as soon as they realised that I'm a muslim.
Isn't it sad that someone who you have known for many years and with who you have shared many things don't even bother to ask how are you doing? Isn't it sad that someone is so prejudise that they cannot be friends with an old friend because of her religion? Would they have reacted the same way if I would have been christian or something else?
I wonder what they thought of when they made the decision not to be my friends anymore..
Maybe they thought that I'm a terrorist hehe, or maybe they thought that I've gone crazy? Yeah, who rational and normal person would ever become a muslim by her own choise? That's what most people here think. If someone turns in to Islam, they must be crazy or forced to do it. That's how "we" think here..
I feel a little shame again, to be a Finnish.
Well, I think they are the ones who loses here if they have so small minds that a certain religion don't fit in their worlds, even if the person behind the religion had once been loved and dear friend of theirs.
It's very mysterious how life turns out some things in it. You may find a lovely thing what makes you feel whole and gives you many desireable things, but the same time it takes something away from you.
I am happy to have so many good friends and sisters and brothers too and I am happy to find a way what is good for me. I am sad to lose some of my good friends, but maybe they wasn't so good afterall, right?