Ok, now it has gone too long and I have not heard from my friend, not a single thing! I'm pretty sure something real bad has happened there! Maybe the Israelis got her too.. Maybe because of writing this blog?? Israelis consider this a danger to their country!! But this is nothing more than writing a diary about mine and her's life, is it wrong?? Oh yeah, ofcourse it is.. because all the world might realise the crimes that the israelis commit everyday!!!
I'm really worried, so so worried.. I have heard how they get tortured in those prisons.. Only because of minor things like this blog.. or even more little things than this.. Israel don't tolerate anything negative about them, Palestinians should just adapt to the situation or move away!!
And they turture them all, young ones, old ones, women and men, no matter who you are or if you are sick or otherwise in bad condition they torture you anyway!!

I hope my friend is only been busy and she is fine and her family too, I just wish to hear from her.
Don't worry my dear friend, my prayers are with you where ever you are..