My day was somehow different from the other days .. Much more fun in this day, met my friends, went out in something similar to picnics ..” Picnic“ .. it’s realy sarcastic that Palestinian one talks about picnics ..

Anyway, I’m telling you something happened there where we were sitting in a Cafe, it’s an ordinary thing we live it everyday, but maybe you will find it funny ..

While the talk we have “ I remember it was about Mahmoud Darwish “ We hear a Bomb, not so powerfull . then, we keep silent unlike all the attendants who “ I bet “ don’t take notice to it. Then an argument is going on between us, everyone is trying to approve his point of view .. Do u know what it was talking about ?

it was about the bomb .. Is it a deflation of an Israeli Apache or a batter ,, or maybe a Palestinian missiles :D

forget about that, Saturday Islamic Univercity “ where I’m studying English Literature “ begins after vocation prolonged for three months .. It will be nice to get back to Studying and meet your teachers an classmates and others . So pray for me and wish me good luck that I get high marks this term , much better than my 1st term last year “ I got 93.1 :D “ ..

I wish to hear from u soon ..

Ur sincerely
Moh. Suliman