I recieved a warning on facebook that my account there could be closed. They also removed some of my pictures.
Todays newspaper here in Turku, Finland wrote that many internet communities are full of writings about Palestine-Israel conflickt and they don't know what to do with all the postings.
The paper also told how important role the bloggers play in this, since Israel don't allow any reporters inside Gaza strip.
Some of the blogs was mentioned in that story and I copied their adress to my blogs front page, so you all may read them if you like.

Israel really underestimated the power of internet, almost everybody has it these days so the truth will be out there whether Israel likes it or not.
One good thing also is camera phones, alot of good footage has been sent to megaupload and youtube about the suffering and the killings what has been taken place inside Gaza strip.

Gazans will not remain silent, they will fight their right to live and to be heared and evetually Issrael is going to pay the price.

Israel is in panic already because the world has not been quiet this time, obviously Isareli covernment thought this time will be the same as all the times before; that they can do what ever they want to Palestinians and no one cares or dares to say anything, but this time the masses all around the world has taken action and the leaders of our world must answer to the people.

And the question is; why do we let this happen? Why is Palestinian life less valuable then ours? Is this peace and democracy?

Israel must pay for what they have done. No one else is responcible. No one else has comitted such crimes. Israel is QUILTY.