I'm talking to my friends as we speak, he is alive, but he feels so sad. His life is worthless to the world, no one cares about a young man living near Gaza city, watching his country men and women and children die to building explosions and under the ruins, die to missile hits, bullets, starve and be so thirsty. No one cares. No one cares About him or the rest of the 1,5 million Gazans living in this holocaust every second, hoping to die, hoping to survive another minute, hoping to sleep until this ends.
He don't understand how his life can be so worthless, how German or American life is more valuable? His blood means nothing to this world.
He is angry, he is sad, he don't care anymore.
Just awaits..
..maybe for mercyfall bullet to take him to heavens or hell, anything but not this holocats.
Is this a way we wan't our 19 year olds to think? Wait for death in their rooms, looking from windows how "the good neighbour" murders tens and hundreds of innocent people, some of them family, some of them friends, many of them just childrens, infants too.
Is this the democracy of our world, is this the way to eternal peace?
How can things like this happen, it is year 2009 in sofisticated world, how can we let this happen under our very eyes, knowing for 100% sure that there is more civilians killed than militia, knowing that Israel is violating the Geneva Conventions, knowing that this is brutal and wrong!
How do we let this happen??

Here is a video, taken with mobilephone, not recommended to sensitive people..