I still havent heard from any of my Gazan friends.
They don't have electricity.
Maybe they are not even alive anymore.

The news say that Israel is firing hard: "Israel's naval forces have been firing at residential areas of the western Gaza Strip amid a full-scale incursion against the coastal enclave."
"According to local residents, Israeli navy vessels started firing at civilian areas before the end of a daily three-hour lull in the region, Hamas Al-Aqsa TV station reported Sunday."

They also still fire toward UN workers too: "Tel Aviv repeatedly violates the three-hour ceasefire, which was announced for easing the transportation of humanitarian aid into the besieged enclave."
"According to the United Nations agency responsible for Palestine, the temporary lull is not long enough to resume the transport of supplies into the costal sliver, while at the same time Israeli troops open fire on UN-flagged vehicles."

Israel want's to wipe out all Gaza and all life in it.

"Israeli Operation Cast Lead which was launched on December 27 has so far claimed at least 888 lives and wounded 3700 people across the region."
Some UN worker's reports say that at leat 70-80% of these people has been civilians..

Also chemical weapons are used: "Human Rights Watch warns Tel Aviv against using white phosphorus in Gaza amid raging controversy over military tactics applied by Israel.

The US-based, international non-governmental organization reported that its researchers have observed the use of the chemical weapon by the Israeli military in Gaza City and Jabaliya on Friday and Saturday.

"We went by Israeli artillery units that had white phosphorus rounds with the fuses in them," Marc Garlasco, a senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch, told Al Jazeera on Saturday."