Written by my friend from Gaza:

I'm gazan

Gazan ! I was born to live in peace

amoung my family which has gathered after woes

I'm not here to give me a sorroful eye

cuz I'm gazan !

Grandpas were living in peace in their land and fields

when u came with ur tanks and airplans to force our land

u have brought war to us

blood, wars, destruction, screams, tears

were what u have brough to us

We are not discontent cuz of that

it's our fate !!

we were born to fight u

but what the crime babies have commit ?

for what guilt women are slains ?

for that we are furious !

Then u come with a message of peace

Which peace u, hooligan, talks about

thisrt of blood is inborn with u

but ur fate has chosen me, Gazan, to be ur foe !

I'm the curse God has put on u

in Jabalia, Zaitoon, Rafah and elsewhere

U will find me expecting u

cuz for that i was born

it doens't matter if they say I'm a terrorist

so far u killed 1000 and they never quit taking the side of u

for sure, they are bloody as well as u, jew !

gimme which title u want, it's desn't matter anymore

cuz u, israeli, are their stepdaughter

never think I'm fighing alone !

Muslims, Arab, even angels are all fighting with me

So is God !! and that's enough for me

I have faith. to be so my Mom has always tought me

to be trustful of God, Triumph is mine and only mine

and u, damned! disgrace, screams, and woes are all ur own

I'm gazan, and the rest after December 27 has become known