This is written by my friend who lives in Gaza. He is a 20 years old english graduate and a teacher.


I am writing to you under the israeli attacks over Gaza Strip, it has been different since last time or by siz months, you know the fact that Gaza changes all the time and you can’t expect from where the sun will shine next day..
Today Israel killed more than 412 Palestinian in the new (Holocaust) operations against Palestinians people and btween them Shaik Nezar Rayan. Despite that I agree or we all agree with the Pipe rocket a kind of resistance spell over: Alqassam, Ghrad, Nasser, Ghihad and other rockets, as you know that.. But in this exact time and after 6 days full of blood where blood of more than 412 innocent child, woman , youth and man since this defended operation began as the israelis claim, so that I wouldn’t mind to know that this holly rockets still hit the settlements which dragged out all the arab and the world attentions.
Right now there are sound of Helicopters, F16, military planes flying over Gaza, Rafah, in the northen gaza and other holy places in gaza, I am trying to imagine what the soldiers are watching from up there, do they recognize the houses, the schools, the empty places, the ministries the streets,the empty people{i mean اعزل and the universisties.
Why would Israel shell a university? a school too ?
Do they play Tic Tack too over us to choose the perfect place to bom? Do they think that the Palestinians has no families, this person who gives the order of launching U.S rocket over Palestinian houses, does he think that we have no families, does he remembered his family and imagine the contrary? I don’t think so...

It seems very strange but, at this moment, and after the killing of more than 412 Palestinian in 6 days and the whole world watching again even the damn Arab leaders watching up this complicated situation.
Wake up, wake up wake up !!!!!

Well, i need to follow up this article:

in addition; intensively, israel has bombed the border area in Rafah targeting the underground tunnels on which these tunnels are soo essential supplies that the palestinian brought up into sieged Gazans.however,the bombing has forced many other families to seek for a simple home or live with their relatives or in tents. where my friend one of them, he lives in Rafah but unluckily he lost his home which consists of 5 flours, he becomes homeless. may allah be with him and his family
on theother side, we are in new year 2009; but What new year celebration?
It does not even exist in our dictionaries? How can we celebrate when we lack electricity, bread, oil, medicin materials and cooking gas.

israel says its attacks on Gaza will continue till they finish up their aims or get reached their objectives as they calim members, but we are in here to say, no, u won't get reached your aims. we will protect ourselves and shoot our rockets.
i tend to say, or give asimple message to those who afriad from mama america,
if you spit on this bastard Zionist entity they will drown....
to sum up...... why did u let us alone ? why? why ??