Israel has been killing Palestinians inside Gaza, Ill copy some news here:

Nations from Jordan to Greece have collected aid for Gaza, but whether or not it gets there, and whether or not it gets to those in most need, depends largely on Israel’s decision to open and close crossings, and whether Israeli fire prevents aid organizations from operating.

On Sunday Israeli authorities announced that approximately 200,000 liters of fuel will be pumped into Gaza via the Nahal Oz crossing. The industrial diesel will be used to boost reserves at the power station, which supplies about 30% of total need when fully operational and is now at half capacity after 10 days of Israeli strikes. The supplies are also said to be destined for “other humanitarian centers.”

For reference, 420 thousand liters of industrial diesel gives about 30 hours of electricity from the Gaza plant.

During his situation report O’Leary noted “the psychological damage caused by having no access to TV, radio, phones, etc. is real. Infrastructure is breaking down…The isolation caused by the lack of electricity cannot be overstated.”

Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip on Sunday morning killed 14 members of two families whose homes came under fire.

Israeli ground troops, backed by tanks, bulldozers, and helicopters have now encircled Gaza City and cut the Gaza Strip in two. On Monday the Israeli defense minister declared the City “partially besieged.”

Palestinian fighters continue to exchange fire with Israeli troops, primarily in northern towns and the outskirts of densely-populated Gaza City.

A total of 531 people have been killed in ten days of Israeli air, sea, and ground attakcs. Over 2500 have been injured. Since ground forces moved in on Saturday night, 82 have been killed.

Midmorning on Sunday, Israeli warplanes bombed a house in the town of Beit Hanoun, where Palestinians were mourning the death of a paramedic who was killed on Saturday. Some 40 others were wounded in this most recent attack.

Another Israeli airstrike targeted Abu Reida area in Khuza'a, east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip. Casualties were reported.

Earlier, a man from Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip was killed by Israeli ground forces in the Al-Atatra neighborhood. Medics also said they transferred two dead bodies from Jabaliya Refugee Camp in the northern Gaza Strip to Kamal Udwan Hospital.

Seven members of the Abu Eisha family were torn to pieces by shelling, said medical officials at Ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. According to the medics the parents and their five children were killed when Israeli warships shelled their home in the Al-Mashtal area in the north of Ash-Shati Refugee Camp, on the shore west of Gaza City.

Medical officials at Ash-Shifa hospital also confirmed on Monday morning the deaths of seven people, including four children all members of the Samuni family in the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City. Family members who managed escape the shelling claimed more than seven people may have been killed.

Jalal Samuni said told Ma'an's reporters at Ash-Shifa Hospital that more than 20 people were left inside the house which was bombarded, and he fears that many of them were killed. He explained that the neighbors gathered in the house of Arafat Samuni who came to the area yesterday. He said that advancing Israeli troops told residents to stay in their homes. Then Israeli forces shelled the house, he said.

Earlier also in the Zaytoun area killed a five-year-old girl and her grandfather, members of the Al-Hilou family. The girl’s mother was critically injured. All the victims were evacuated to Ash-Shifa Hospital.

Israeli forces intensified the shelling after midnight on Sunday, shelling four homes of Hamas leaders as well as home of Jamil Mizhir, a senior leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), in An-Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Al-Umma University of Police Sciences in An-Nuseir neighborhood in Gaza City was also bombarded. A car was targeted west of Ash-Shifa tower in Ash-Shati camp, and as a result two were injured.

The Israeli military also issued a statment saying that warplanes struck more than 30 targets over night including:

• A mosque Israel says was used for storing weaponry
• An underground bunker in the area of Gaza city. The Israeli army says the attack caused secondary explosions indicating there were explosives inside. Tunnels in the area collapsed.
• A number of tunnels in the area of Rafah
• 4 houses of Hamas members that Israel says were used to store weaponry
• A rocket launcher
• A suspected anti-aircraft missile launcher

***Updated at 15:05 Gaza time

Addressing the public for the first time since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar spoke out against Israel, and encouraged fighters to continue their resistance.

Palestinian homemade projectiles, manufactured by the hands of resistance fighters out of pipe and fertilizer destroy Israeli’s idea that their nation is secure, he said in a recorded message aired on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV.

Speaking about Israel, Zahhar said, “They began killing their children when they killed ours. They began bombarding their hospitals when they bombarded ours. They began demolishing their synagogues when they demolished our mosques. You kiecked off the means for your termination with your very own hands,” he said.

The problem is not that projectiles are being launched from Gaza, he said, but is rather the occupation and siege against Gaza. Zahhar demanded that Gaza crossing points be opened, and criticized the European attitude towards Israeli aggression as well as the US siding with Israel. He also described the UN stance as “wrong.”

People of the world have taken to the streets to protest the Israeli action; they are not being represented by their governments who are acting with complicity with this latest aggression, he said.

Zahhar also confirmed that the Palestinian resistance and the people in Gaza are a united front, and cautioned those who are weak from becoming “traitors or betrayers,” since they would demolish the strength of the people of Gaza.

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Civilian deaths mount in Gaza war

Hundreds of people have been killed in the fighting, with the vast majority being Palestinian [AFP]

At least one dozen Palestinian civilians have been killed on Monday as Israeli forces pushed deeper into the Gaza Strip, medical sources say.

The latest total death count in Gaza stands at 531 people killed across 10 days, with more than 80 deaths since the ground offensive began on Saturday.

Troops, backed by air and naval support, are reported to have surrounded Gaza City.

While soldiers have been positioned on the north-south road at Netzarim, effectively splitting the besieged territory in two and blocking Palestinian supply lines.

Air raids were reported in open fields in east Jabaliya, Beit Lahiya and in the Shati refugee camp overnight and on Monday morning .

Among the dead was a family of seven at Shati refugee camp, who were killed by navy shelling off the coast of Gaza.

Three siblings from one family, as well as a girl and her grandfather, died in Zeitoun neighbourhood during artillery shelling.

Medical workers hit

Emergency medical workers attempting to reach the wounded on the frontline, themselves become targets when an Israeli air raid killed four paramedics on Sunday. Ambulances have also been hit in the attacks, Palestinian sources said.


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Witnesses in eastern Gaza told Al Jazeera that soldiers had carried out house to house raids in some urban areas.

Israeli government officials say they are not targeting civilians, only seeking to halt rocket fire from the Palestinian Hamas movement governing Gaza.

However, Mahmoud Zahar, a senior Hamas official, said the group was heading for "victory" against the Israeli military.

He said that Hamas's armed wing, the Izz-e-din al-Qassam Brigades, had "given the most beautiful performances during its confrontation with the army that the world thought invincible".

"They have legitimised the murder of their own children by killing the children of Palestine," Zahar said.

"They have legitimised the destruction of their synagogues and their schools by hitting our mosques and our schools."

Palestinian factions have continued to launch rockets into southern Israel, despite more than a week of aerial bombardment by Israel and the ground offensive.

One Israeli soldier has been confirmed killed in the Gaza assault so far, with at least 49 others wounded. Four Israelis have also been killed by Palestinian rockets.

The International Red Cross and world leaders have appealed to both Israel and Hamas to stop targeting civilians and work to restore a ceasefire.

Diplomatic efforts

On the diplomatic front, a Hamas official said a delegation would head to Cairo on Monday, "answering an Egyptian invitation to hold discussions" on a ceasefire.

The talks are set to coincide with the arrival of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, in the region, to push for a European-backed ceasefire.

The UN Security Council is also set to meet on Monday to discuss the crisis following an emergency session on Sunday that failed to produce a resolution or even a statement calling for a halt to the fighting.

Israel's ground offensive launched on Saturday followed eight days of intense bombardment of the Gaza Strip, purportedly aimed at ending cross-border rockets being fired by Hamas fighters from the territory into southern Israel.

Humanitarian crisis

Fears of a humanitarian crisis have also grown in recent days, as the strip, home to 1.5 million people, is already suffering shortages of fuel, food and medical supplies due to a two-year economic blockade imposed by Israel.


Israeli positions in Gaza
The International Committee for the Red Cross said on Sunday its medical emergency team had been prevented for a third day from entering the territory.

Egypt has also completely closed the Rafah crossing, cutting off aid supplies to the territory.

The UN has warned that there were "critical gaps" in aid reaching Gaza, despite claims from Tzipi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister, that there was no crisis and that aid was getting through.

Christopher Gunness, the UN Relief and Works Agency (Unrwa) spokesman, said the idea that there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, was absurd.

"The organisation for which I work - Unrwa - has approximately 9,000 to 10,000 workers on the ground. They are speaking with the ordinary civilians in Gaza... People are suffering. A quarter of all those being killed now are civilians. So when I hear people say we're doing our best to avoid civilian casualties that rings very hollow indeed."

About 250,000 people in the northern part of Gaza are also reported to be without electricity. The main power plant has been shut down for lack of fuel due to Israel's blockade.

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