The last conversation with one of my firends to Gaza is in my mind all the time. Haunting.. Like it were trying to say it was the last conversation. I hope not! I truly miss my friend and hope he is ok!
But the spirit of him, it just maked me sad.
It is not ok for 19 year old boy to feel like he don't care anymore, don't care about life or misery, don't care about anything what will happen or has happened to his life. That is not ok!
Israel and US has ruined his life. As well as they have ruined the life of 1,5 million Gazans. That is not ok!
That is not fair!
If I could, if I had the power, to condemn Israel for its crimes, I would seek for my lifetime until it would happen. I hope Israel will go to court for this, I hope all their lies and secrets will be out in the open. I hope no one covers for their secrets anymore. I hope they will get their doom and I hope they will cry and repent.

I am watching Al Aqsa tv footage, live from Gaza
seems it is broadcasted from a roof top of a building, I think it is maybe in gaza city, the capitol of Gaza and the most populated area.
Right now there is a rooster singing and some airplanes circuling above the city, few shoots have been fired and one I think hit someone cuz I heard a cry.

Earlier today the camera showed the full moon above Gaza and some house fires and footage taken at the hospital, first it was out front and 2 civilian cars came and brouoght injured people to hospital, some of them were youth and children and inside hospital there were childrens treated.

At this moment sounds like the planes are getting closer to the camera?

Its very dark in Gaza, ofcourse because there have not been electricity in several days, some areas has been without electricity and water for 6 days now.

The ceasefire which Israel said to keep everyday for UN etc volunteers and helpers to get their work done, isn't true, Israel has still shelled alot of places during this ceasefire.

I can hear a woman crying now near the camera.
Planes come closer and go back further, obviously they are flying above the city. No lights in any houses, very few lights I see.

The Gazans don't have phones working, the phone company have reported that 90% of phonelines are down and they wouldnt help anyway, because in Gaza is not electricity to load cellhpones batterys anyway.

Electricity is on time to time in some areas, but no one knows where and when and for how long.

I hear the airplane speeding its speed and then slowing again, it wont have any brakes and never goes away, this sound has been on for several hours now. I think this is part of psychological war too, to scare people, to keep them alert, to keep them awake.

Now I can hear also helicopter, it must be an Apache? I hope it doesnt bomb anything!

The woman is crying again, I think she prays at the same, a mans voice is praying too.