I spoke to one more friend yesterday, or not even spoke, she happened to be on a same forum with me at the same time and we changed quickly news there.
She told me that in her area where she lives, had been electricity off for 2 weeks and 3 days. Not one single day for electricity. I wonder how they managed to make food or heat water or how they managed to live in a pretty cold windowless house.

My citys newspaper here in Finland wrote about the Israelis using DIME weapons and white phosphorous, the magazine said the matter would go under investigation. I really hope so!
Also the magazin said that some churches shelter hospitals has been destroyed and they wish to investigate this too and the fact that volunteer doctors are saying that the destruction of infrastructure and civil houses and hospitals has been deliberate.

Some news tell almost accurate infoirmation about this war and I'm a bit surprised because they make Israel look very bad!
Maybe Finland doesn't wan't to be in israels media leash anynore! That would be amazing thing, but don't think it has happened yet..