From Al Jazeera:

Hamas has said that the Gaza war has put an end to chances of negotiations with Israel, calling on Arabs to pressure Tel Aviv to cease its attacks on the Gaza Strip.

In a televised speech on Saturday, Khaled Meshaal, the exiled-Hamas political leader, said Israel's offensive on Gaza, which has killed more than 850 Palestinians, had failed because Hamas was still firing rockets at Israel.

"You have finished off the last chance and breath for settlement and negotiations," Meshaal said.

"In all modesty ... I can say with full confidence that on the military level the enemy has totally failed, it has not achieved anything.

"Has it stopped the rockets?" he asked of Israel's declared aim in launching the offensive.

'New intifada'

Meshaal called on Arabs to pressure their leaders and the international community through protests.

"We are living the hardest moments of the resistance now, we want another intifada [uprising] in Palestine and on the Arab street," he said, calling on the Arabs to continue protesting.