Israel cut off the electricity from Gaza and waited for the darkness to come and invaded Gaza strip with heavy tanks, F16 war jets, Apache choppers and groung forces with night vision goggles etc.
I have been watching al jazeera live news and from that proadcast I can hear massive explosions, choppers and planes over Gaza and see fires and flames in the dark city.
Many of my friends are in this small city sized death trap, fighting for their lives in an urban warzone where only one side has propper weapons and they do not hesitate to use them on civilians.
I am terrified. We, outside of Gaza sieged area, cannot imagine the life and feelings inside that place now or the past 7 days when Israel has targetted civilian houses and people with their warplanes.

Gaza is the most thickly populated country in the whole world, it is only size of a small city, but has 1,5 million people living in it, behind the separation fence with absolutely no way outof there!

The news play over and over again abouot the reason to be the rockets from Hamas towards israel city, but I don't think it is like that. Hamas has asked times and times again for Israel to lift the siege, open crossings for goods and stop the military operations, but Israel has not done it. Israel want's to make Palestinians lives as hard as possible, so they would maybe leave their poor and broken land, but the Palestinians won't give in; who would? Who would leave their own home and history?? And why should they leave it? For zionist plan to make a jewish state? Where no one else is equal? And they wanna make their state on someone elses land, which is stolen brutally and with lies from the Palestinian farmers and families. Absolutely crazy say I!

I pray for strenght to Palestine and Gaza and I wish this nonsence stops soon, this is unfair and pure massacre and West is only closing eyes and filling their minds with false reasons and false facts. It makes me sad and angry. I wish this to end.