Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan in Finland and in many other places too, and personally to me too!
Ramadan looks alot like Christians Christmas and I am happy to have an invitation to meet a muslim family and have the iftar with them today :)

Yesterday I finally got to talk with my friend, and as I had been thinking; she had been in big trouble with Israelis because of this diary.
She had been a target of zionists and one woman pretendet to be her friend and had been questioning alot about her family and her self and pretendet to be a journalist who offered our blog a change to bee visible in one major news channel world wide. Thank God my friend found out that she was not who she claimed to be and found out that she was Israelis citisen and jewish zionist who only wanted to harm her family and her because of the security threath that she makes to Israel now that she writes this diary!!!

I wish all the best for her and hope that those zionists will leave her alone!!
I'm lucky to live here in peacefull Finland, Israel would have to make alot of effort to harm me I think.. Anyway, they can't because I'm not Palestinian and am not living under their occupied territories!

My friend is still in danger and she can't write here at this point. She told me that all lines are listened; phones and internet which makes perfect sense because the Israelis wan't to suffocate all the resistance in Palestine.

Israel wan't to make a jewish state to them selves and they have clearly pronounced that only jews are number one citisens there, every other religion will be treated as second class citisens. No wonder the Palsetinians wish to get their own state too, who would volunteerly let someone to grade you as second class citisen?? Who would volunteerly give up the right to live a normal life?!

All the eyes are in Georgia now and all the people has been on the Georgians side, but do they see that the situation between Israel and Palestine is the same? There is illegal military force occupatiuon going on in Palestine and in Georgia and both peoples needs help, but only Georgia gets it. Why is that?
Palestine and Israel is so close to peace now if the Israelis just would end the siege, open the borders as they have promised and would stop kidnapping and killing people in West Bank!
Peace is that close!
But I don't think they ever reach the peace. Soon the Palestinians will get tired of empty promises and will rise to resist again. And ofcourse in our news it will be told something like this: Palestine ruins the peace by attacking towards Israel or Israeli settlers or civilians.. Ofcourse they leave out all the violations what Israel is making right at this second all over West Bank and Gaza. They forget to tell how Israel ordered all the doctors and teachers in Gaza to stay home and not to go to work, they forget to tell how people in hospitals are dieing and suffering because of this evil order, they forget to tell how one little girl will lose her leg because of necrosis in her toes and because there is no doctors to operate her toes, they forget to tell how Israel is making life unbearable in Gaza and West Bank everyday. They forget to tell how Israel is leading their dirty water to Palestinians water system, so they get all the toxiins and bacteria. They forget to tell how the Israelis blow up Palestinian's houses in West Bank every day to build their own settlements instead!
You can read all the violations from this human rights site LINK
or you can look the names list of the dead childrens from this site LINK
or the daily news about things that keep happening in Palestine here LINK

And I hope; after you visit those sites, you think what is really going on and whether it's right or wrong and after you have made your conclusion; PLEASE talk about it to someone, let's spread the word what is going on! Thank you!