Autumn has come to Finland, all tree leafs are turning yellow, red and brown. When I look out from my livingroom window all I see is black and I think of my friend in West Bank, how black has her life turned now.. I wonder if she is ever going to live a free life, is any of my Palestinian friends ever going to live a free life? A life where you can go out safely or go to work without roadblocks. Our life is so easy here. Just sitting in our livingrooms watching tv or playing games. No worries about our lives or our living.
Just sitting and watching how life goes by. Without any risks or threats..

If I could give one free day to someone who has never lived freely, I would do it in a heartbeat.
If I could liberate any nation, I would.
If I was living under any opression I would fight for my freedom til the last breath.
If I could send strenght and power to those people who needs it, I would, even if it was my last.

Freedom is something that we are so used to and something that everyone can't have.
Freedom is what we fight for but we don't want everyone to have.
Is freedom your right? Or mine too?
Freedom is for all of us, for Palestine too!