For many times i heard people telling me that i always have a lot to say, seems that tonight silence rules my mind forbidding me from gathering the words to actually say something, words are no place to hide behind anymore, seems that being hunted is something that most of us Palestinians faced one way or another.
today i stand here looking from my window facing some Israeli soldiers who are using three kids as human shields, i know these kids one of them is Ahmad; he's our neighbor, he's of those 10th graders who weren't able to get new cloths for school this year, his sister used to go to college depending on loans provided by some non-governmental organizations here but funds were a little low recently. the situation this year has taken a different turn lead by the internal fighting that is taking away a lot from us [Palestinian people who are under it], it is true that in each one of us there is some political charge that motivates the patriotic sense, not necessarily because of belonging to any political party but because we belong to a land called Palestine, a land that lives politics in everyday of its life. today i cant go to pray in Al-Aqsa mosque or better explained i cant enter Jerusalem because I'm under 50 years old!
today and like every day in the holy month of Ramadan; i pray, that some can reach the outdoors of a little freedom before the festival of breaking the fast to be able to see their kids and loved ones for the first time after a long time in prison, i pray that fathers could get a chance to see how well their sons have grown telling them how strong they look, and mothers to get a chance to brush their daughters hair telling them how beautiful they look and that everything is going to be O.K... somehow.
maybe tomorrow, i will be standing somewhere else, somewhere with a different view!