out of words i am
in describing a fear not on me
thinking about a dream discussed on a cup of tea
in making a chance to be what i wish to be
in my search for a key

out of words i am
for i am who i am
a palestinian living in despair
resisting death or a prison chair
instead of breathing the free air

out of words i am
to tell you the present
the part that i consider prisoned
the dream that never saw the light
the child that never stopped the fight

out of words i am
in stating my needs
in showing you the seeds
and covering all deeds
of becoming he who leads

out of words i am
in wanting a peaceful tomorrow
that rhymes with a sorrow
of being in the shadow

so listen to my eyes
and look at the hearts
witness the unspoken truth
and aid the bleeding children, elderly and youth

by: Me