The lack of water is getting a bigger problem in West Bank. Atleast one person has been seriously injured during a water-related violence.
"A drought, a broken well, and a reduction of water supplies by the Israeli company Mekorot, have resulted in a severe water shortage in Bethlehem this summer. The city’s three refugee camps have been worst affected by this. Camp residents say that they have gone without water at times for up to two weeks." LINK

Roadblock issue made one woman to take action in Huwwara, she threw acid to 2 soldiers at Huwwara checkpoint which completely blocks the road between Nablus and areas to the south, including Ramallah and Jerusalem.
Some of the Palestinian villages are completly isolated from others by roadblocks and some roads has been destroyed, so the villagers cant get in touch with others easily. Some people haven't seen their family and relatives in months or years.

Because of the siege a medicin factory is going to close now. The factory would suspend operations because The Israelis are not allowing sufficient materials into the Gaza Strip to continue operations.

So, nothing looks to be easier in the West Bank..