Gaza – Ma’an – Hamas said on Thursday that the planned meeting with US President George W. Bush is aimed at pressuring Abbas to “keep silent” on Israeli crimes against Palestinians. 

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said in a report received by Ma’an that Hamas has no “hopes for the meetings because we consider them a cover for American and Israeli practices against Palestinians.”  

Well, that wasn't any news to me.. World suck's and hard sometimes and it's so wrong! I hope freeGaza movement get's many humanrights observators to Gaza and I hope they would go to West Bank too where the situation is maybe even worse than in Gaza.. And I hope they report evertything they see and I hope the world would see and respond to those reports and puts pressure on Israel to stop those horrible crimes against humanity! 

This face here is the face of an terrorist, the biggest terrorist on this planet.. I hope he gets what he deserves..