From maan news site:

A total closure of Palestinian-Israeli borders has been put in place by the Israeli army for the duration of the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah. 

The closure means absolutely no Palestinians are permitted to leave the Israeli controlled West Bank and Gaza Strip, except in “humanitarian cases,” who have to contact the Israeli Civil Affairs Department. 

The measures were announced by Radio Israel on Monday morning, and will remain in effect until Wednesday.


Families of Gazans detained in Israeli prisons demonstrated outside the Red Cross office in Gaza City in Monday, and say they will continue their sit-in until the Eid Al-Fitr feast on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

The families called on all foundations and human rights organizations as well as politicians around the globe to put pressure on Israel to allow families to visit their children in prison. Most of the participants in the Gaza City sit-in have not seen their family members in over a year and a half. 

The protestors told Ma’an that this would be the second Eid Al-Fitr that they would not be able to visit brothers and children in Israeli custody. 

Some Palestinian factional leaders partook in the protest alongside the family members, such as Abu Al-Abid Salamah, member of the central committee of the Arab Front and coordinator of the prisoners’ committee of Palestinian factions. Representative of the Islamic Jihad movement were also present.


Two Palestinians were injured when clashes broke out between Israeli forces and Palestinian youth in the West Bank village of Ni’lin. 

Mayor of Ni’lin Ayman Nafi reported the entry of dozens of Israeli military jeeps into the area Sunday evening, which closed streets and banned Palestinians from entering local mosques for the evening prayers. As a result, fierce clashes erupted in the center of the village. 

Those injured from the clashes were 22-year-old Muhammad Srour and 25-year-old Nabil Fayiz, who were hospitalized in Sheikh Zayid Hospital in Ramallah. 

Nafi said Israeli forces erected a permanent checkpoint at the village’s main entrance. 


Shots were fired by the Israeli military on Gazan fishermen of the Rafah shore on Sunday afternoon, sinking the fishing boat and endangering the lives of those aboard.

According to the de facto ministry of agriculture the sinking vessel and its operators were rescued by nearby boats. Omar Al-Habeel, the owner of the boat, said it was cracked down the side, but rescued from sinking. 

Israeli forces continued to fire shells at fishermen in the area, and shots were also reported in the northern Gaza Sea, according to Hasan Azzam, director of fisheries in the de facto government agriculture ministry. 

Local Gazan fishermen, who depend on their boats for their livelihood, were horrified. Azzam condemned the actions, saying they highlighted the cruelty and continuation of occupation despite the “unilateral withdrawal” in 2005. 


AND From free Gaza site:

 Delaying our Trip to Gaza
  Date : 09-26-2008

We, the members of the Free Gaza Movement, regret to announce a delay in our plans to return to Gaza this week.  Last month, 44 ordinary people challenged Israel's stranglehold on the Gaza Strip, knowing that ordinary people can help create extraordinary change.  
People said that it could not be done; we did it. 
This week 22 of us came to Cyprus to fulfill our promise to return to Gaza.  Because our two original boats were not suitable for this trip, we decided to lease or buy a sturdier boat. Unfortunately, every time we thought we reached an agreement with a boat owner, our agreement has fallen through, in part, we believe, due to outside pressure. Though it is a very difficult decision to make, we have decided to temporarily delay our voyage.
When we left Gaza at the end of August, we made promises to the people there: we will continue to tell the world that Israel still unjustly occupies Gaza; we will continue to support our friends in Gaza as they work to overcome the brutal policies of the occupation; and we will return to Gaza. These are promises we will keep
We will continue to draw attention to the suffering that Israel has imposed on ordinary people just like us, in Gaza. We will continue to support our friends in Gaza and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory as they work to end Israel's occupation of their land and lives. And, very soon, in the coming weeks, we will return to Gaza. 
In the meantime we call on countries to live up to their obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention and to take action to challenge Israel's collective punishment of 1.5 million residents of the Gaza Strip. 

Greta Berlin
Media Team
Free Gaza Movement
357 99 08 17 67