The snow is gone from Finland.
All is back to foggy, rainy and gray.
I hate when the weather is like this!
It makes me so depressed..

European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid Louis Michel expressed his “increasing concern for the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza,” in a Saturday press release. "I am extremely concerned by the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza caused by the continued closure of the Gaza crossings,” Michel stated. His statement stressed the point that since 4 November only the Karem Shalom crossing has been open, and even then only for a total of four days. Michel noted that only a limited amount of food and supplies were allowed into Gaza on 17, 24, 26 and 27 November. Though he stressed his earlier condemnation of Palestinian projectile attacks, he said called the continued closure of Gaza crossings “a form of collective punishment against Palestinian civilians, which is a violation of International Humanitarian Law."

I copied that from maannews. Isn't that unbelievable; many has condemned Israels actions as violations, but Israel still keeps doing it?
Israel don't care about anything but their own little jewish state to the jeweish people. Nothing else matters to them. Not even the menory of their own suffering; the same torture and killing what they do now to Palestinians..
As they don't respect their survivals, as it was nothing that someone survived from the nazi death camps. And as it don't matter that so many died in those camps. Israel don't care about what happened to their people.
Israel only want's to concentrate on stealing land from someone else and use it for their own little illegal state where no one else but jews are allowed to be the first class citisens.
Im very sure that some day Israel will be so sorry for what they have done. Maybe not today, but the day will come, I'm sure of that. And I'm waiting for that day to come.. And I hope it comes soon!