Since the Israeli attack which killed 7 people in Gaza the media has been prevented to enter or leave Gaza area.
Many journalists think that this is an Israelis way to keep hidden that they have tighten the siege once again..
I'll quote from maan news:
"On Tuesday Dirk Jan Visser, a photographer with a foreign news service, was denied entry into the Gaza Strip, on Monday BBC journalist Aleem Maqbool and his colleague were denied entry into Gaza, and a French journalist, “V” was denied permission to leave.
Israeli journalists have been barred from Gaza for over two years."

At the same time more than 750 000 refugees will be left without food help unless the flour, oil, milk and meat waiting to be delivered through the closed Gaza crossings are not transferred in to the Strip soon.
UNRWA condemned the blockade imposed over Gaza, and especially since it prevented an internationally recognized aid organization from distributing essential supplies to the depressed population.

A lot of the Palestinian's areas are also in need of water.

Another quote from maan:
"Israel resumed the transfer of industrial fuels into Gaza Tuesday morning, furnishing the area with enough fuel to power the electricity plant for another 30 hours.

The brief window where transfers were possible closed before more than a small fraction of fuel waiting to be delivered could be sent through.

Head of the Palestinian power authority in the Gaza Strip Kan’an Ubeid said that the 420 thousand liters of diesel that were transferred Tuesday morning would be able to run the power station for approximately 30 hours, after which blackouts would start.

Israel tricked the world into believing that they resumed fuel shipments, Ubeid said. He accused Israel of wanting to pull the wool over the eyes of the world in an effort to ease the anti-Israel tension in the Arab countries internationally.

All the while, Ubeid continued, Israel continued to practice its collective punishment policies against all of the Palestinians in Gaza."