Gaza has electricity about 6 hours per day.

The rest of the day is total blackout.

Gaza survives in total darkness.

Darkness from the light.

Darkness from the world.

Darkness from the hearts.

I want You to think about that. Try to imagine life without electricity.

The newspaper in my city wrote on todays news that Israel is keeping Gaza in dark because of the rockets that was fired to Israel from Gaza.
Again! Again they forget to tell why are these rockets fired! They forget to tell how Israel steals peoples homes everyday! How Israel kills and captures innocent civilians without any reason everyday!
How Israel violates human rights everyday. How Israel makes living in Palestine territories almost impossible by their crimes and violence towards palestinians! They totally ignored the cituation when Isreal made an attack to Gaza killing 7 people and braking homes and the most of all they broke the ceasfire, the truce! After this the Palestinians launched their rockets.
But no one in the media is allowed to tell us this.

You should see these facts from human rights organisations websites, because this is no imagination, this is what really happens in Palestine everyday, but we do not get the information about this acts as they really are; we get the Israelis story, what has been fabricated so we would not judge what they do..

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