The news about the Israeli strike to Gaza is going through my mind again and again.
I wanna think that it is a misunderstanding, but it aint.
Israel broke once again the ceasefire and this time very very much too. They killed atleast 12 people.
Israel attacked with choppers and tanks and their soldiers and their heavy arms to small crowded Gaza.
What did the Gazans do this time to deserve this killing event to happen??
Surely Israel made it because of the USA presidental election so all the media would be concentrating on that and not on their murdering of innocent people.
Some say that the Israel closed the borders too..
Well free Gaza ships has been coming and going and I am very happy about that! I wish they could do alot of good in Gaza and I hope they could get people oout of there and bring some people back who Israel has denied coming or going. The students and workers, relatives, all who needs to go or come back.

My dearest friend is safely in the other country now, she has no internet at this point, but I wish she gets it someday. I hope she is happy there and not too worried about her family, Im sure they all are fine back home!
I wish to talk with her, but I have to wait for her to go online from somewhere to get her news.
I miss her so much!
She is lucky to get to another country. Maybe she can help her family more now or maybe she will find a nice husband from there and will marry him someday.. Anyway, Im very happy for her and I wish I could help and support her someway.

I am praying for her everyday and for the people of Palestine and every single soul who has suffered from wrong or hunger or poverty and for our planet too, I hope God hears me no matter that I still don't know how to pray properly ;)