Last night my friend left her home suddenly, near by was 5 bombings and she had to flee.
My night went in thinking, I slept so badly!
This morning I were so happy to see her online in msn again! She was ok and the bombing had been the Islamic Univercity which had been destroyed last night.
This time has been very stressfull for me to try to find the news and information about the situation and constantly read diffrent forums and sites to know the casualtys as early as possible. And ofcourse thinking about the people I know; are they ok, alive, how is their homes and familys? Are they scared? How they manage to survive this in a small place like Gaza? How is the children doing in Gaza? And how will the people who lost their loved ones survive after this?
From a forum where I am as a member is updates and there is written that almost a missile per minute, that was last night. Must have been a scary night to try to sleep.
I can't even imagine!