It was too good to happen anyway.. the truce..
Israel has begun their air strikes again injuring alot of people already.
One resistance group attacked on the invading Israeli soldiers in Gaza strip..
A news paper said that some arab states has given Israel the permission to murder Hamas leaders if they do not continue the truce..

Very disturbing news.. I don't agree on killing anyone, no matter what is the reason or in whos side this happens. Killing people is not the answer. Not to anything.
We should be protecting life, not taking lives.
There should be a better way to ease the situation in between Palestin and Israel. This continuos fighting and killing has been going on now for "quite some time" and has not lead to an answer what would be good for both sides!
I don't understand why Israel doesn't let Palestiniasn keep the little peace of what is left from their country, this few percent peace of land is no use for Israel and it is obvious that they will never get it too.
But Israel is greedy. They wan't it all, and they wan't it empty. No Palestinians, that is their goal.
So what can people do then? They have no other choise but to resest. Resist on this on-going evillness and killing. Resist this wipeout of the Palestinian people and life. Resist air strikes. Resist torture. Resist the Israeli goal to decay all the Palestinians and the Palestinian lifestyle and heritage.
Resist is the only thing left in their life, because all the efforts what Israel claims that they make to get the peace and justice to this situation is a lie, it's a fake, they are only comitting horrible crimes at the area and they lie to us and lie to the world and makes us belive that the Palestinians are the bad people that they are the ones who is comitting crimes.. But it is the opposite..
The world should intervene this already! How is that England who begun this thing is not getting it to an end? It is Palestinians right to get some justice, peace to their life! How come EU, UN, nobody want's to get involved here?? Why do we let this go on and on?? Where is the justice here huh??
Many human right organisation and report has made it clear that crimes happen there everyday, but why do we let this go on?! Is 1,5 million people not enough lives to save??