U.N. Protests at Israeli Killing of 8 of its People
The United Nations special envoy to the Middle East on Monday protested strongly to Israel after air strikes on the Gaza Strip hit two U.N. buildings and killed eight of its people.

U.N. envoy Robert Serry and the head of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Karen Abu Zayd wrote an urgent letter to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak "to protest these incidents in the strongest possible terms," a statement said.

The first incident came on Saturday shortly after Israel launched its massive air offensive on the Hamas-ruled territory, when a missile targeting a Palestinian policeman standing next to the UNRWA training centre hit a group of UNRWA training students, killing eight and wounding 19.

The second incident was on Monday, when the U.N. headquarters in Gaza was damaged by two missiles, the U.N. statement said.

"U.N. premises must be protected and inviolate. The Government of Israel has all coordinates of U.N. premises in Gaza," the statement said.

"These strikes occurred without prior warning. Military attacks in these circumstances, so close to U.N. premises as to recklessly endanger U.N. personnel and property, must not be repeated."

Nearly 350 Palestinians -- among them at least 57 civilians -- have been killed since Israel launched its aerial blitz on the Islamist-controlled enclave at mid-morning on Saturday.(AFP)

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