It's been such a very long time since I last posted anything here, life has changed and days have passed and now I'm far, far away from the only place that I would ever call home, I'm far away from the air that breaths in my spirit, and the blood that runs in my veins. I miss you Palestine, I miss everything that is you, I miss the sun and the sky, I miss being the person that I can be on you.
Here I don’t get to hear news about Palestine, here everyone seems too blind to ask what is really happening, the media is so filtered that you only get that Abbas is meeting with someone somewhere! You don’t get that in one day 60 Palestinians were captured by Israelis, you don’t get that there's a new accusation called "smuggling nutrition to Gaza" !!!! you don’t get that a Zionist drove over a kid in Hebron yesterday, you don’t get that the war is not over in Gaza, you don’t get that more than 1700 acres of Jenin are taken by Israelis. Palestine is a different world to those who are in it and to those who are out of it, a world that if you knew it you'll know nothing like it. So don’t blame me when I say I do not trust anyone, don’t blame when I say I do not believe in our Arab governments and Arab rulers. Don’t blame me when I say I would rather die in Palestine than anywhere else in this ignorant world. Maybe we; the Palestinians who lived the hard days of Palestine, can't tell you all that we know, but we can try to tell you something to at least wake up so you can start your journey in witnessing the unspoken truth!