Free Gaza Ireland launches a series of cultural events with Palestine, starting with a tour by Lowkey, political poet/rapper performing in Cork, Galway & Dublin this week, not to be missed!

Lowkey, one of Britain’s brightest and most effective lyricists is playing in the College Bar, NUIG, this Thursday the 15th at 9pm. An artist whose star is getting bigger with every new release, Lowkey is the new Chuck D, he is the voice of a politicised generation. He is not just another rich musician making money out of singing about the woes of poverty; all of Lowkey’s lyrics are inspired by first-hand experience of the issues he raps about.

He travelled to Palestine to take part in a Hip Hop Festival and went to Gaza earlier this year with the Viva Palestina Convoy. Despite gaining much critical acclaim over the last few years, Lowkey bypassed the potential wealth and fame his ascent from the open-mics could have brought. Instead, he chose to channel a lot of his creative energies into engagement with the Palestinian cause. Since Tears To Laughter - his no-budget song which raised money for victims of the Israeli assault on Gaza - reached 18 in the prestigious iTunes hip-hop chart, he has become a highly appreciated performer at fundraisers.

His latest single, just released is a collaboration with Immortal Technique "Voices of the Voiceless' went to no 11 in iTunes charts last week. Immortal Technique, is regarded by the vast majority of real Hip-Hop enthusiasts as the greatest underground artist of modern times. Determined to be as vocal as possible, the super-group Mongrel has propelled Lowkey into the indie orbit with artists from bands such as Babyshambles, Arctic Monkeys and Reverend And The Maker.

Come and see the authenticity for yourself, and receive an alternative education accompanied by some of the slickest beats of our time.

The University’s Palestine Solidarity Society is hosting the night in Galway to launch of a series of cultural events to raise support for the Free Gaza Movement's next international flotilla of boats. More than simple charity, the Palestinian people need our solidarity and political action. They need us to challenge the policies that leave them in need of humanitarian aid.

Joseph Loughnane
Auditor of Palestine Solidarity Society,
Galway NUI.

Lowkey is available for interviews,
contact Niamh 085 7747257


The crisis in Gaza is unacceptable. For nearly four years, Israel has subjected the Gaza Strip to an increasingly cruel blockade, leading to severe increases in unemployment, poverty, and childhood malnutrition. Israel's 22-day assault on Gaza last December & January killed over 1400 civilians and destroyed thousands of homes, schools, mosques and hospitals. It’s been almost a year since these attacks and thousands of Gaza’s Palestinians are still living in rubble. Maintaining the Gaza siege and denying Palestinians the right to rebuild their lives is unconscionable.

Free Gaza Ireland is working closely with the international Free Gaza Movement to acquire an “Irish boat” to sail to Gaza as part of an international flotilla challenging Israel’s brutal siege. Since August 2008, international volunteers in the Free Gaza Movement have been sailing to Gaza, suceeding 5 times to break the siege. Ours remain the only ships to reach Gaza since 1967. More than simple charity, the Palestinian people need our solidarity and political action. They need us to challenge the policies that leave them in need of humanitarian aid.

Caoimhe Butterly, renowned Irish human rights campaigner and Gaza Project Co-coordinator for the Free Gaza Movement stated that: “Our delegations have been deeply shocked by the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Gaza. Israel’s ongoing occupation and the severity of the siege on Gaza is designed to isolate people as well as devastate the infrastructure of Gaza. Free Gaza's mission is a reminder of not only the efficacy of using non-violent direct action to confront injustice, but also of the deafening silence of the international community.”

With Ireland’s help, the Free Gaza Movement hopes to sail to Gaza before winter sets in with ships carrying badly needed humanitarian and reconstruction supplies. On board will be Irish TD's, journalists, human rights activists & Irish musicans who will perform in Gaza with local artists as part of a series of cultural events linking up with Ireland. We urge everyone to join us in concretely asserting the right of the Palestinian people to have access to the outside world. We will not stay silent as the Palestinian people are deliberately starved and humiliated. Like all peoples in the world – Palestinians have a right to life with dignity.

Niamh Moloughney
Irish Free Gaza Coordinator
091 472279/085 7747257