Many of you have written over the past two weeks asking us what our next project will be and whether we intend to go back to Gaza. We are going back, and this time, we will take a flotilla of boats with us. Some of the steps are listed below, and many of us are already hard at work to make the flotilla a success. If you want to follow our progress, we hope to continue to update every week now as it gets closer to going.

Also, if you have not visited our website lately, please check it out and see what we have added. Look at the wonderful artwork, videos, music and poems that have been written about Gaza at You will be inspired, you will weep, and you can also smile at the sheer resilience of the people of Gaza.

Here, then is our update.

1. Several of the board members along with volunteers in the Middle East are now on a fundraising trip through the Gulf area as well as other countries. We have been promised money to help defray the costs of the flotilla organizing, and we are waiting for deposits to our account in Cyprus. If you have not seen our new website information under DONATE, please check it, as we now have a charity set up in Cyprus and a PayPal account as well.

2. Two countries have told us they are sending between 4-6 ships to Cyprus and will load supplies either in Cyprus or in the country of origin. We will be responsible for having the contents inspected once the ships get to Cyprus. Most of the contents will be building supplies, and Derek has laid out a clear plan of what we hope to be able to transport, items such as generators for hospitals and schools.

3. We are busy assembling the land team in Cyprus; Ramzi and Derek are already there, Huwaida and Greta should be there by the end of April or early in May.

4. Passengers have been applying to go, and the only drawback we have will be how many boats the Free Gaza Movement will have with how many spaces available. To date, we have confirmation from Hedy Epstein, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Norman Finklestein, Lauren Booth, Yvonne Ridley and a few others who will be announced when we can.

5. The date to leave should be sometime between May 25-May 31 if all goes according to plan. However, those dates may slip the way they did last year depending on logistics, funds and commitments. Many people who want to come are students and professors and may not be able to make it until the first part of June, but, so far, we are sticking to the week listed above.

Although many of us are better equipped to run the project having several voyages under our belts, there is a huge difference between sending one or two boats and sending 5-10 ships from several nations. We will do our best to keep you updated as we can.
Greta Berlin
Media Team
Free Gaza Movement